Voyage From the Sun

Voyage From The Sun is a 20-lesson classroom science module designed to introduce students to the major ways in which energy is important in living systems. Voyage encourages students to explore the story of Earth's energy -- its solar origins, how it is incorporated into living systems through photosynthesis, and how it flows from plants to animals.

Voyage From The Sun's interactive program teaches students about the adaptations that allow plants and animals to use and conserve energy. Students examine how they use energy, where it comes from, and how human impact on natural habitats affects the natural energy flow.

Voyage From The Sun supports science reform efforts by building bridges between biology, the physical sciences, math and language arts. Because of its flexibility and wide range of activities, Voyage is relevant to students in grade levels between 4 and 9. The sixty-page Teachers' Guide provides instructions on the activities specially tailored for students of upper and lower grades. For example, upper level students calculate metabolic rates and caloric requirements for mammals, reptiles, and birds, while lower grade students enjoy playing Photosynthesis Bingo to learn about the ingredients and products of a critical biological process.

Energy is a fundamental concept that links ecology, biology, and the physical sciences. It is, therefore, an ideal vehicle for multidisciplinary links between these essential subject areas. However, energy is also a notoriously difficult subject to teach. Through its focus on animals and habitats, Voyage From The Sun makes energy come alive for students.

Whether you are interested in a stand-alone unit on energy or exciting energy-related activities to use as part of your existing curriculum, Voyage From The Sun will be an exciting addition to your school.

Program Components

  • Energy for Survival Poster
  • Energy Pyramid
  • Plant and Animal Cards
  • Voyage From The Sun Comic Book
  • Student Activity Guides
  • Race For the Rain Forest Game Materials
  • Teachers' Guide

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